Series 2  Episodes 5-8 

Vigilante Vibrators


Mrs. Dildo returns to the classroom after a long hiatus and is shocked at what she finds.  Meanwhile, spurred on by his new socially conscious girlfriend, Jr. has started stealing and distributing batteries, claiming it is a “right to life” issue.  He later participates in a school wide protest.  When Mrs. D comes to the protest to see what all the fuss is about and to talk some sense into her children she becomes mesmerized by the protests head speaker, an Hitachi wand with vibrato.  When the cops pull the plug on his speech Mrs. D is still too entranced to run and gets taken to jail with other protesters including her neighbors and their son Bobby Buttplug.  After a harrowing half hour in the city jail, during which Mrs. D is afraid to bend over, she is bailed out by her loving family.   But Mrs. D’s time in the slammer has not been a total loss.  She has convinced one of the police officers to let her keep her handcuffs as a surprise for her husband.