The Dildos are a charming average American family (think the Cosby’s meets the Simpsons) with one unique caveat: they all happen to be dildos and all their friends happen to be sex toys.  Yes, actual real life sex toys: dildos, vibrators, flesh lights, nipple claps, Hitachi wands and more.  In their world, which occasionally intersects the human world, they encounter conflicts similar to their human counterparts but, due to their nature, handle things a bit differently.  These inanimate objects all come to life in this outrageous and unique comedy, which forces us to look at our selves in a whole new way… and laugh!

The Dildos web series revolves around the trials and tribulations faced by this particularly entertaining family which consists or Mr. Dildo, a mild mannered gynecologist, Mrs. Dildo, a loving but slightly neurotic substitute teacher, Jr. the rebellious teen, Cindy and Mindy the smart-ass catholic school girl twins, and Quake their pet vibrating egg.  Other supporting characters are Bobby Buttplug the somewhat awkward little neighbor boy, his unconventional parents Butch and Sally and Father Foreplay the imposing but gentle purveyor of rationality. 

The Dildos is written as a succession of series, which consists of four 3-5 minute episodes.  Each series revolves around a key theme or issue, which gets resolved by the end of the 4 episodes. There is a narrator, played by a fleshlight, which pop in at the end of each episode and provides a teaser sneak peep at what is to come.

The Dildos is a comedy like no other.   The absurdity of the characters makes laughter inevitable but the wit and intelligence of the script makes it true comedy.  It is witty, well written and unique and uses absurdist humor and innuendo in order to make us look at society from an entirely different lens and allows us to laugh at what we see.